Intelligent Waste Management System

Innovative platform for real-time waste management.

  • IoT, Web Apps
  • Internexo
  • April, 2022
  • October, 2023

Intelligent IoT Waste Management System

CodeWith has developed a cutting-edge Intelligent Waste Management System that utilizes real-time trash bin identification through cameras and specialized algorithms to improve waste segregation. This innovative platform captures and processes data such as weight, lift time, and location, transmitting it to a central cloud-based system. Designed to serve the public sector, our system offers extensive integration capabilities and includes a web portal for comprehensive device management, data analysis, and system configuration. The platform is enhanced with a user-friendly interface accessible on mobile devices, facilitating on-the-go management. Advanced features such as RFID container identification, waste weighing, vehicle tracking, and image analysis for contamination check are integrated to boost efficiency and environmental compliance. Our solution represents a significant advancement in managing urban waste through technology, making it an indispensable tool for modern cities.

Project Challenges

Implementing waste tracking and real-time data analysis was complex.

Solution & Results

Delivered a comprehensive, efficient waste management system.