PowerStream Energy Optimization Platform

Cloud-based energy management for local governments.

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  • PowerStream
  • March, 2023
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PowerStream Energy Optimization Platform

CodeWith has partnered with PowerStream to develop, a cloud-based web application designed to assist local governments in their digital transformation initiatives through enhanced energy management services. This innovative platform focuses on optimizing energy costs by monitoring LED lighting circuits and providing detailed consumption profiles updated every 15 minutes. PowerStream enables users to access real-time energy data, compare various tariffs, and switch to cost-effective options, promoting substantial financial savings and operational efficiency. Additionally, the system offers features like reactive power analysis for recommending compensation measures and “Power Guard” for overseeing contracted power and detecting consumption anomalies. The inclusion of a prosumer panel further augments this functionality, allowing the monitoring of renewable energy sources and the adjustment of energy production in response to demand. This promotes sustainable energy use and supports environmental protection, making PowerStream an indispensable tool for local governments looking to optimize energy consumption and reduce costs.

Project Challenges

Integrating real-time data with energy-saving solutions was complex.

Solution & Results

Delivered a robust, user-centric energy management platform.