Lars Lighting Control App

Revolutionary app for intelligent lighting control

  • IoT, Mobile Apps
  • Lars Lighting
  • June, 2023
  • March, 2024

Lighting Control App

The Lighting Control app, developed by CodeWith in collaboration with Lars Lighting, introduces new approach to lighting management. This app leverages mesh WiFi and Bluetooth technologies to enable seamless control and configuration of lighting systems from any location within a facility. Our team employed React Native for development to ensure flawless cross-platform functionality on both iOS and Android devices. The app simplifies complex configuration tasks, allowing users to quickly set up lamps and create customizable scenarios for individual or grouped fixtures. The user interface combines sleek, modern design with exceptional usability, elevating it above traditional lighting control solutions. Additionally, our marketing team has enhanced user engagement through attractive promotional materials, compelling video content, and detailed tutorials. Completed in just one month, this project showcases our rapid development capabilities and commitment to excellence, offering a sophisticated tool that not only meets but reshapes industry standards.


Project Challenges

Balancing functionality with intuitive design was challenging.

Solution & Results

Achieved a balance of style and function